What services are offered by Dove Cleaners?

Dove Cleaners offers high-end cleaning, repair and alteration, and restoration services of all garments and textiles.

I don’t have time to pick up/drop off my clothes.

No problem at all! Simply call us or order online to have your personal Valet Service pick up and/or drop off your garments at the location of your choice. For more information about our Valet Service.

How will Dove Cleaners ensure the highest quality product?

State of the art machinery, environmentally-friendly cleaning detergents, and years of industry experience and expertise coupled with the skill set of both the management and staff ensure that only the highest quality of service and production is available to every client.

How much will it cost?

Please refer to our current Dry Cleaning Price List, or you may contact us to receive a quote.

Why is Dove Cleaners a dry cleaner worth switching to?

Dove Cleaners has the most advanced state of the art facility in the country. We provide a complete array of cleaning services, including dry cleaning, wet cleaning, laundry, and alterations/repairs. All work is performed in our plant by specially trained craftsmen with knowledge of the unique traits of each fabric, including those that are antique and require exceptional care.

Tell me more about the machine used for dry cleaning.

The dry cleaning machinery used by Dove Cleaners is state of the art and meets or exceeds all environmental regulations currently in place. Up to 99.95% of the solvent is removed, thus leaving clothes odour-free, ensuring whites remain their whitest and colours remain their brightest and most vibrant.

Tell me more about pressing methods followed during the dry clean process.

All items are pressed by hand and performed by specialists who take the greatest of care against damaging the fabric of your garment. We have pressure controls that ensure that we do not put a shine on clothes. These controls also help to avoid the cracking/breaking of buttons.

Tell me more about your laundry/wet wash machine.

Detergent is injected by a monitoring computer which helps to ensure proper amounts enter the wash on time every time. All dress shirts have their collars and cuffs thoroughly scrubbed before being washed for optimal cleanliness. This machine also allows us to do what is known as wet washing/green cleaning. This is only performed at the customer’s request.

Tell me about the pressing process when garments are laundered.

All items are pressed by hand and performed by specialists who take the greatest of care against damaging the fabric of your garment.

Is packaging the completed item absolutely necessary?

Packaging of all dry cleaned garments is necessary mainly to ensure that they are protected from the environment and their finished smoothness and shape is retained during travel and storage. Packaging may be in the form of tissue paper stuffed into garments in specific places, or layered between the folds of a sweater that is tied with a ribbon. Every dress shirt is returned with collar supports to help keep collars from getting crushed and warping during transit. French cuffed shirts have their cuffs turned up and studded into place. Folded shirts are individually packed.
Packaging also ensures that the freshly cleaned and fully de-linted garment does not attract lint or get soiled during transit.

Do you replace missing or cracked buttons?

Missing or cracked buttons on shirts will be replaced free of charge. G. MISCELLANEOUS Minor alterations and repairs are done free of charge. All garments to be cleaned are pre-spotted using the most advanced techniques available. From the time a garment enters our facility to the time it leaves our facility, it has been inspected at least 5 times. This ensures the highest possible quality.