Bridal Gown Cleaning

Our masterful experts apply sophisticated techniques, taking extreme care to personally inspect, spot treat and hand-clean every gown individually. All visible and inconspicuous stains are completely removed to restore the most exquisite and delicate fabrics to their original, immaculate condition. Ornate details, including extravagant, hand applied beadwork, pearls, jewels and sequins are diligently protected, while being meticulously cleaned. Tears to hems and other damages, as well as missing or loose buttons and accessories, are mended with finesse by our expert seamstresses.

Following the cleaning process, your gown is gently folded and placed in a soft bed of acid-free tissue to prevent wrinkling, and stored in a breathable archival chest with a display window designed to preserve your gown and its romantic memories. At Dove Cleaners, we vow to treat your cherished bridal gown with the tender loving care it deserves.


The wedding gown preservation specialists at Dove Cleaners devote special attention to your bridal dress and accessories, ensuring that the precious fabrics and ornate trim are handled with the utmost care using only the most suitable techniques.

After your gown is treated, it is gently folded amidst a soft bed of acid-free tissue paper to prevent wrinkling and scuffing of delicate fibres, then placed into a sturdy and breathable box that has been designed for the express purpose of preserving its pristine quality – much like how any treasured artifact would be stored.


Though the sentimental value of a Vintage bridal dress is incomparable, its beauty may be tarnished by corrosion implicated by time. Age can take its toll on any garment, causing the fabric to discolour and weaken. Most susceptible is the delicate fabrics used for wedding gowns, such as silk, satin, taffeta, tulle, and lace.

Heirloom Gowns

Dove Cleaners appreciates the sentimental value of heirloom wedding gowns and specializes in their restoration. With extensive knowledge of antique fabrics, we perform necessary repairs in the same fashion as the original manufacturer or couturier, while restoring the colour of delicate fabrics, such as silk, satin, taffeta, tulle and lace to their original splendour. Dove Cleaners will recapture the magnificence of your bridal gown for years to come.