We minimize our Environmental Footprint

Professional dry cleaning practices have long been blamed for being less than friendly to the environment. Dove Cleaners wants to change that.

We use cleaning processes and agents certified by the industry’s foremost environmentally-friendly solutions provider, GreenEarth®. GreenEarth® is a patented solution that contains liquid silicone. It is not toxic to the environment or hazardous to those employed by the industry. The result is an environmentally responsible and superior cleaning agent that is gentler to fabric fibres. Clothes emerge with brighter whites and more vibrant colours, with no lingering odour. In fact, GreenEarth® does not interact with the fabric or dyes during the cleaning process. This helps to eliminate problems associated with fabric wear, colour loss or shrinkage. It is far more gentle but just as effective (or even more so!)

Like most reputable dry cleaning facilities, Dove Cleaners operates according to the government mandated environmental code of practice for the industry. But this isn’t enough.

All packaging materials, hangers and products can be returned to any Dove Cleaners location for recycling, and all our polybags are made from 100% recycled material.

We are meticulous. Really.

From the time a garment enters our facility, it is inspected no less than five times during our patented 5-step process to ensure that nothing is overlooked. With only hypoallergenic detergents, all garments are pre-spotted using advanced techniques, dress shirts have their collars and cuffs thoroughly scrubbed prior to washing, all items are carefully pressed by hand, and minor alterations and repairs are done absolutely free of charge. A final and thorough inspection is performed to ensure that all parts of the garment are clean and finished, in a pristine condition that will satisfy the impecable standards of its owner. It is then delicately packaged to preserve its cleanliness and shape, ready to be reclaimed.

We regularly change our cleaning pads and solvents.

The cleanliness of a garment relies on the cleaning processes to which it is exposed. That’s why we change our cleaning pads and solvents far more frequently than our competitors. This is to ensure your garments are processed with agents and tools in optimum condition.

We know our customers and what they prefer.

A garment is an investment made that reflects the character of its owner. When it is brought to us to be cleaned, it is treated with the expertise and knowledge of an industry leader. We just don’t clean the garment – we handle it following your unique preferences. Every member of our service team has been trained to do that with the professionalism and courtesy you deserve.

There is simply no better place than Dove Cleaners to entrust with the care of all your garments and textiles.

Dove Cleaners is committed to raising the bar in the industry, which is why we’ve gone an extra step by following the exclusive quality management standard regimented by ISO 9001.

We aren’t just in business for ourselves – we serve the best interests of you, the consumer, and the community. It’s about your image, not ours, which is why our state-of-the-art techniques continue to evolve. Our cleaning quality and service will not be compromised.