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The Dove promise is to revive your favourite pieces with our meticulous attention to detail, and deliver your clothing and household items back to you looking as close to new as possible.
A Dove driver will pick up your order at the scheduled time.

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Our automated booking system allows you to schedule a pick-up time and place that is convenient
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A Dove Cleaner driver will pick-up your order at the scheduled time.
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Cleaning Services

At Dove Cleaners, we achieve the outstanding results we are renowned for by remaining steadfastly committed to quality. To guarantee consistency and stringent standards we live by a carefully curated seven-point inspection process of garment care. This meticulous procedure is designed to revive and renew your garment at every touchpoint of the cleaning experience, ensuring that no detail is overlooked. We live by the mantra that your items will be returned as close to new as possible. Our attention to detail promises to bring new life to your most treasured garments.

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Toronto’s Most Eco-Friendly
Dry Cleaner

Our unwavering commitment to sustainability has made us a leader in green dry cleaning. From the moment we opened our doors in 1992, we have made it our mission to reduce our carbon footprint and source the greenest dry cleaning, wet cleaning and laundry solvents. This led Dove Cleaners to become the world’s first dry cleaner with the ISO 9001 Quality Registration Certification.

We continue to devote ourselves to sourcing environmentally-friendly practices and innovative techniques that will effectively clean your garments, while also having minimal impact on our natural surroundings. This includes using GreenEarth®  technology: a 100 per cent non-toxic, non abrasive solvent that is proven to protect against wear, shrinkage and colour fade. We are also one of the few dry cleaners in the country to offer wet cleaning services.

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The Dove Difference

To guarantee consistency and stringent standards, we have carefully curated a seven-point inspection process for garment and quality care. This meticulous procedure ensures that no detail is overlooked. From our initial analysis of fabric type, composition and techniques through to our final appraisal at the store level, we take every step to ensure that your beloved garments are revived and restored to their former glory. Click below to learn more about the Dove Difference.

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Dove Restoration

Sometimes, your beloved classics need more than a clean. Dove Restoration provides luxury after-care for high-end fashion. Whether it’s alterations on a classic jacket or suit or giving your favourite shoes, boots and handbags a second life, Dove is dedicated to the fine craft of restoration—all with the convenience of pick-up and delivery services. Click below to book your restoration.

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