Fine Shirts

Men's dress shirt close up of collar.

It was Mark Twain who said clothes make the man. Your style is your own, from your collar to your cuffs, and Dove Cleaners respects the investment you’ve made. Fine shirts that reflect your personal taste and professional image, from ready-to-wear luxury brands, to personally customized bespoke garments that embody the finest craftsmanship, are treated with the utmost reverence.

Every shirt you entrust to us undergoes an exclusive, five-step patented process that eliminates all spots, stains and odours deep in the fibres. Following fastidious de-linting, missing or cracked buttons are replaced at no charge as part of our final hand finishing. At Dove Cleaners, we’ve mastered the art of cleaning and maintaining fine shirts to keep you well dressed.

Quality. Service. Responsibility.