Bedding and Linens


Sensuous linens that lavish you in soft caresses, like fluffy down-filled duvets, cozy comforters and sleek, satin sheets must be handled with tenderness. Dove Cleaners carefully launders and presses your bedding and linens without shrinkage or residual odour, preserving the fine attributes of every delicate fibre to make your bed the refuge of luxury it should be.

Freshly made high end hotel bed.

Table Linens and Antique Textiles

Linen on red table.

Setting an inviting table for a glamorous dinner party or special holiday starts with intricately embroidered vintage textiles, classic damask, fine Irish linens and formal French lace. Dove Cleaners removes food, wine and oil stains to restore your linens and heirloom textiles to their original pristine condition, so you can set the table and the mood for your next elegant event.

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